Inks and cleaners 

 Inks and cleaners 

Food grade

Carcass food grade

Certified, quick-drying inks and cleaners made from completely edible products for direct coding on foodstuffs. Very suitable for coding on carcasses, meat, eggs, pharmaceutical preparations etc. 

  CIJ (Continuous InkJet)

CIJ tin can

Quick-drying, very well-adhering inks that can be used on various surfaces, such as glass, plastic, cans, cables, tetra packs, aluminium, steel, cardboard, cosmetics etc.

  • MEK based inks
  • Acetone based inks
  • Pigmented inks (without sedimentation)

DoD (Drop on Demand)

DoD cement bags

Quick-drying and highly adhesive inks suitable for printing on both porous and non-porous surfaces, such as cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bags, wood, precast concrete, cement bags, mortar, plaster, flour bags etc.   


  • Water based inks
  • Alcohol based inks
  • MEK based inks
  • Acetone based inks
  • Alkali- en UV resistant inks
  • Special ink for wooden pallets