Marking packing and packaging is a unique process. Ubach provides specific solutions for coding all types of packing and packaging, be it printing on cardboard, plastic, wood or any other type of packaging.


tap-marcat-1.jpg ampolla-plastic-marcada.jpg caixes-marcades.jpeg

  • Product traceability, such as:

  • Glass bottles.

  • Plastic trays.

  • Cardboard packaging and/or boxes.

  • PET bottles.

  • Terrines.

  • Aluminium tins, etc. 


Perfect for ensuring high-resolution coding to print:

llauna-marcada-3.jpg dsc-9840.jpg

  • Expiry dates.

  • Batches.

  • Bar codes.

  • Production time.

  • Any other information you would like to programme to print on the pack.